Create a ParadeBox for your Sports Team or City!

If you're any kind of a fan of your team, odds are you may have a bobblehead, stuffed animals, mugs, hats, mcfarlane figure, ticket stubs, books, magazines, cards, posters, helmets, autographs, pictures with you and the head coach, jerseys, an old video game with your hero on it... the list goes on and on!

Place the flat objects behind the shelves first and then see what items you can place on the shelves!  I myself have LOADS of Packers memorabilia.  I could probably fill up about 10 display cases, but I only want to make one. So I am going to put my most valuable pieces inside for people to see.

This is the list of Packers memorabilia I'm currently working on Parading in my household:  Game worn Jersey Card of Ray Nichke, Autographed card of Bart Starr, Autographed hat by ARod,  McFarlane Figures of Reggie White, Brett Favre, Ahman Green and Ray Nichke.  Sterling Sharpe Rookie Card.  Picture of My Dad and I at a Packer game. Xbox game cartridge of Madden 09 with Brett Favre. 

I know I've probably spent way too much time obsessing over football, but this is my chance to showcase what a beautiful centerpiece topic I can make.  And you can too!

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