7 Fatal Mistakes When Buying For Your Home

When your browsing about considering what to display in your home next consider the pit-falls many others have fallen into. How do you know if someone doesn't tell you?  These tips will help you feel more at home IN YOUR HOME as well as set the tone for your friends and relatives to set expectations for themselves. As Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world".

1. Failure to Personalize:  Your home should feel like Your home. Don't get caught up in flooding your place with home decor that doesn't have anything to do with who you are as a person. Sure there might be some of your family's pictures posted up, but what does your family like to engage in? Either together or separately, what makes you and your family unique?  Spend some time thinking about how you can integrate certain items you've got in boxes and bring them back to life! This will breathe a refreshing new breathe into your living quarters.

2.  Not Having a Theme: Beyond the color schemes of each room, (which is obvious)  you can take #1 a step further and customize each room to have a fun theme that will be a conversation piece of its own. We are now seeing the new golden age of Antique/Thrift shops that are actually carrying a lot of great stuff! The overabundance of figures, signs, dolls, toys, trinkets ect ect. Makes it easy for you to expand on certain things you already own and creates the ability to completely change an environment.  Why does the Man-Cave have to have all the fun displayed?

3. Accumulating Too Much Stuff:  The Golden age of the 2nd Hand wields a double edged sword, so be vigilant! It is fun to shop around yard/estate sales to pick up items for a fraction of the retail price, but if you don't see a plan for it, leave it alone! You can quickly accumulate an abundance of clutter. Even though most of it is cool to you, others might have a different opinion.

4. Buying Just Because It's Cheap:  Under Thomas Jefferson's 10 Rules For A Good Life; #4 is "Never buy what you do not want because it is cheap: it will never be dear to you." https://www.theminimalists.com/jefferson/.  Unless your trying to turn a profit, do yourself a favor and reserve the room in your brain for something else in this "constant flow of Information Age".

5.  Not organizing:  This usually is a result of the pitfalls mentioned above. However, not having your things compartmentalized can also cause the previous issues. Not having an accurate mental inventory of the different facets of what you own can be a slippery spiral to being considered a hoarder. Yes many hoarder's excuse is that they have a lot of stuff, but "its organized". Being truly organized after considering the previous mistakes will help bring everything into perspective.

6. Lack of Change:  Have you noticed how you just feel more alive after you rearrange your living room or bedroom? It certainly feels refreshing. Rearranging a room is comparable to taking a new way home from work in that it expands your cerebral processes because it exposes it to new environments. Now here is when being skilled at home decorating moves to an advanced stage.  If you have a collection, it is possible to keep some items in a box and rotate certain things in and out of your displays to keep things fresh.

7. Paying Too Much For Fluff:  I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a store and thought "who pays this much for a damn _______?"   Insert "vase", "antique", "memorabilia", "art piece" and the list goes on.  Now one of these items may fit into your decor theme, so I'm not knocking that. However, many items out there are not practical for your home. Don't invest into something that doesn't already compliment you or your home.

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